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Loud is Easy. Good is Hard.

Swapping out an anonymous factory amp for a top-shelf brand name is a good start to improving your sound system. It will certainly make it louder. But what about making it sound better?

Bringing sound to life? That’s a real work of art.

Challenges to Great Car Audio

Unlike the controlled environment of a home theater, the interior of moving cars is replete with obstacles that make audio sound rough (beyond your tone deaf buddies singing along).

Speaker Positioning: Default speaker positioning isn’t necessarily the best placement for your specific vehicle.

Reflective Surfaces: Glass windows, thick seats, and even your passengers themselves bounce sound.

Road Noise: Even luxury vehicles suffer from tire hum, engine whine, wind, exhaust, and assorted body rattles.

Car Material: Fiberglass, metal, and plastic don’t combine to make the best quality sound experience.